Ahhhhh beautiful Puerto Rico. We recently visited this gorgeous island during a cruise. It’s always exciting to visit your native land. Got to visit with family which is always great, but also ate some of the traditional foods which is always beyond amazing.

Puerto Rico

It’s funny because while in Puerto Rico, you can be on a dusty road or in an upscale restaurant, and the food will be perfect. There is just something about Puerto Rican food that has so much to offer, however as everything else, it depends on who you ask. It seems like everyone has a favorite place. Just to make sure that you don’t miss out on your next vacation to Puerto Rico, here are some of my favorite dishes. For starters you need to try the mouth watering Mofongo. This is a dish made of fried plantain, broth, olive oil, garlic and pork cracklings. Usually decorated with cooked onions and served with a side of shrimp or pork chunks. My mouth waters just telling you about this dish.


Then you of course need to try to famous “lechon” nothing like a delicious piece of roasted pig served roadside. Puerto Rico is well known for these places. When in Puerto Rico ask to be taken to the most-loved route of “lechonera.” These famous pork stops are located in Ruta del Lechón also known as the pork highway in the town of Guavate. This is a winding road reached from Exit 32 off San Juan’s Highway 52. Once there you can take your pick from among any of the roadside stands. All so yummy, but get ready because you are in for a memorable experience when a vendor serves you a hunk of fried pork, chopped off with a “machete,” that large puerto rican knife, before you are led off to the dance floor for some merengue music.

lechonDon’t forget to accompany your piece of lechon with Puerto Rico’s famous “arroz con gandules” which is pigeon peas and rice. You can also ask for some “pasteles” which is a blend of vegetables filled with pork meat and wrapped in a banana leaf. They are then boiled in salty water for approximately an hour and served. So yummy and so perfect!!




Now lets talk about the “bacalaito,” probably one of my all time favorites. This is simply flour mixed with salt, pepper, garlic and cod fish. You mix it well and then they are deep fried. A taste of heaven. 🙂


All this talk about food definitely has me craving it all. :)) Looking forward to my next trip to Old San Juan.

Have you visited Puerto Rico? What has been your experience either with tourist attractions or with food? Share your story.
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Mayra Hernandez