Hi, I’m Mayra and I was born and raised in sunny South Florida. There among other things, I learned to worship the sun and the beach. In my later years, I attended Florida International University where I earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice. In addition to writing, I find that I love the beach, traveling, a little shopping, (ok a lot) :), as well as spending quality time with my not so little children, not to mention my doggies. Ultimately, I find that I enjoy that special time, where I get to analyze life, plan my next day, set my next goal and simply relax.

I started SincerelyMayra because I always dreamt of a place where readers can visit to learn about different things, as well as interact with me and one another. A place where you can vent, ask questions, give your opinions, or simply just sit back and learn from other people’s life experiences as well as mine. I expect my blog to include a little bit of everything from love, to dating, movies, travel, beauty, fashion, exercise, you name it. Although I’m no relationship expert, I look forward to interacting with all of you and sharing my life experiences, (some good, some bad) but definitely life learning experiences.

Thanks for visiting!! So excited to get to know you all!!