Visited Sydney, Nova Scotia and I must say that I felt right at home. The humble manner in which the town represents itself was breathtaking. Everyone we came into contact with was super sweet and attentive to our needs. We visited a couple of tourist attractions and were very impressed with the way they are conserved. Below are a few pictures of one of the homes we visited, the Josh Heritage House.


P1000874This house is one of the oldest wooden houses still standing in this historic town. A Halifax merchant by the name of Thomas Jost bought the property in 1836. His family lived in it until about 1971. It felt so real to walk through the house, as if they were still around. We then walked the town and met an older man walking down the bridge near the peer. He stopped us and talked to us for a long while. Share many stories about the town and his life. He shared that he was married with two adult children. They lived there all their life and just recently one of his daughters had moved to California and the other to Halifax. Now he lives there with his wife and had nothing but wonderful things to share with us about this town.

We also got to see the largest fiddle. Scratching that on my bucket list.  :-)Below are some additional pictures of our visit.


Nova Scotia

Biggest Fiddle

I must admit that I left this town feeling quite emotional. Everyone we came across left a lasting impression in our lives, especially the man on the bridge. This town will be forever treasured in my heart. Truly hope to someday go back and maybe run into the old man on the bridge during his daily walk.

Have you visited or ever lived in Sydney, Nova Scotia? Share your story.
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Mayra Hernandez