I love these babies so much that words can’t describe. There is nothing like the love of a pet. They are the most loyal and most loving at all times. No matter what they do wrong or how many times you scold them, they are always there to love you. When you are feeling down you can count on them to offer their unconditional love. They will try to cheer you up with little kisses or will simply lay on you or near you for support. Can’t imagine my life without my babies.




I want you all to meet my 4 legged babies. Brandy is our 13 year old Shihtzu, Toby is our 10 month old Golden Retriever, and Tiger is our 8 year old Yorkie.



Honestly, I love all animals and if I could afford it, I would have a huge farm with all sort of animals. I admire those individuals who are able to afford it and in fact do it. These individuals must have such huge hearts. I must also share that I have feathered children as well. These chicks can also be very loving but in a different way. They know you are mom and are their food provider but that’s about it. They will follow you and bite you 🙂 I guess their little way of giving you kisses, (painful ones though).

Chicks1 (800x800)-SM

My goal would be to have a horse, cows, goats and probably little pigs. It would be a dream to one day own a farm. Even a small one at that. Just being able to wake up in the morning and interact with all these wonderful creatures would make my heart content. Let’s see, they say that dreams do come true, so maybe one day mine will too. 😉

Tell me about your favorite pet. Share your story.
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