First of all, I would like to share some pictures of our trip to Pompeii during our honeymoon. It was quite the experience to be able to see first hand what happened in that town that took so many lives. The feeling you get from walking those streets is quite emotional yet heartwarming. I felt a bit strange walking the streets that were built so many years ago especially to go into buildings that remain standing today. Rather than simply see it in movies, I can tell you that it was the greatest experience to actually see it first hand. It was a definite honor to visit this site, not to mention unforgettable.


Sitting in the Colosseum was beyond emotional. Imagining the fights that took place there was not too difficult, it was almost natural. We were also able to see statutes of the bodies that were buried in the ash while exploring the area. They appeared to have been gathered and kept in a special location behind iron bars, probably to ensure their safety. What I found most noteworthy about this vacation was the history behind it. It seems like a lot of people feel the same way I do, because the number of tourist that visit this place is enormous.



The lost city of Pompeii was buried in a thick layer of broiling ash in a matter of seconds. As a result, it is believed that the ash killed over 1,000 people and furthermore buried the town which supported between 10,000 and 20,000 inhabitants at the time of its destruction. Thereafter, sometime between the 1700 to 1800’s, Pompeii was once again discovered. It has now become a tourist attraction visited by many on a daily basis.


Here is a picture depicting some of the bodies that were buried in the ash. Most noteworthy in this picture is the body in the center laying on the table.

Pompeii2-SM Pompeiime-SM

This picture was taken on one of the main roads of Pompeii. There were many houses built on this road in Pompeii. As you can see from the picture many of the structures still remain, especially the entryways to the homes.


This picture was taken inside one of the bathrooms of the homes. Here I am sitting on the edge of the bathtub. These bathrooms were the size of a master bedroom today, and maybe even bigger. The bathtub alone was the size of a 10 x 10 room today, if not bigger.


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