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So I recently moved to the West Palm Beach area. To say the least, I have found to have lots of time of my hand. So here I am going through my Facebook posts and I come across a post from an old friend. The post reads “USA Fit Palm Beach – Change Your Life” http://www.usafitpalmbeach.com. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for me. A half marathon race was coming up and I would be trained to join it. It was like a message sent from above. Everything I have always dreamt of doing, a run, and now I have a friend who can help me accomplish it. Here are some pictures of the trail I will be training on.

Running Trail-SM


I immediately messaged my friend and inquired about the race. She was super excited for me and before I knew it I was signed up for the race. Then reality hit me, wait I don’t know how to even run for a minute. Will this training really be able to get me into the shape I need to be in to accomplish this race? Millions of doubts crossed my mind.

For some odd reason I always thought that I just couldn’t run. What I would tell myself was that I just didn’t know how to run. Silly of me, but definitely true. I tried many times to go for a run and after a minute I was exhausted. Pains on the side of my rib cage where almost immediate, and that would be it for that run. What was I  to do? I then called a trainer friend of mine and asked for help or running tips. Expressed to him how I felt about this race and his girlfriend mentioned an app I should try to help me train a bit before the actual training began. The app she recommended is C25K by ZenLab http://c25kfree.com, from couch to 5k, definitely what I needed.

I downloaded the app and starting following it day by day, week by week. So proud to say that I am up to running 11 minutes with no problem. It’s probably not much for a runner, however for me it is huge. It’s something I never thought I could do and here I am doing it. I am very proud of myself.

Lets do this!


I will keep you all posted on my upcoming training and the actual half marathon run. Wish me luck, I will need it!!

What’s your challenge, is it a run? Share your story!
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