Pizza has to be my favorite kind of food. I can literally eat it everyday without ever saying “pizza?? Not again!” Those words would never leave my lips. I have tried to make pizzas at home with my kids and with my husband, but they never turn out like the yummy ones in the restaurants. We’ve had lots of fun making them though. We’ve tried to get crazy with the toppings, but pepperoni always ends up being our favorite.

There are so many types of pizzas. The Neopolitan style is said to be the original pizza that arrived in the United States by Italian immigrants. The dough is made from wheat flour and the crust is thin, crunchy, and was baked in a wood-fired oven. Below are some yummy pictures.

Detroit Pizza Pizza

We then have the California Style which uses a dough base similar to the Neapolitan style and contains unusual and uncommon ingredients.  Chef Ed LaDou receives credit for this style of pizza. Chef LaDou developed this style by adding ricotta cheese, red peppers, mustard, and pate.

The next style I have read about is the Deep-Dish style. Pizzeria Uno developed this pie in Chicago in the 1940’s. This pie has a deep crust that lines a deep dish and although the entire pizza is quite thick, the crust itself is only of thin to medium thickness. Furthermore this pie has a very thick large layer of toppings.

Now we have the Detroit Style. This pie is square, and very similar to the Sicilian-style because it has a deep-dish crust and marinara sauce is sometimes served on top.  However, the crust is usually baked in a well-oiled pan to develop caramelized crunchy edges. It is simply amazing, therefore probably my favorite.

In conclusion there are so many other styles of pizza that I could go on and on about, yet you can read up on other styles of pizza at

What style of pizza would you choose to have? Do you have a favorite style? Share your story.
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