Travel agents can assist in simple things like a trip to Disney World or a cruise. However, keep in mind that when you book a cruise through a travel agent, he or she is more likely to have better knowledge about the various cruise lines. This includes knowledge with the cabins as well as their off shore excursions. Living in such a fast paced world, you probably wonder, why in the world would I need to use a travel agent for my bookings when I can simply use the internet. Well, although it may feel like the use of a travel agent is from ancient times, it may be more useful than you think. A travel agent is not the middle man between you and an inexpensive vacation, like it is when buying a car. The vacation will cost you the same with or without a travel agent, although in some cases it will be less expensive with the assistance of a travel agent. The benefits you receive from using a travel agent is their knowledge, experience and peace of mind. Ultimately, that dream vacation getaway that always seemed too good to be true.


Travel agents can assist in more complex travel plans like flights to various cities or countries, including hotel stays and car rentals. Always keep in mind that certain trips can be more complex than others. It has been my experience that travel to foreign countries are definitely more involved than traveling to the states.


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Honestly, travel agents can provide that special service that you simply will never get online. It is my experience that travel agents come especially handy in times of crisis or when you simply do not have the time to search and search for hours, days, weeks or even months, for that perfect getaway.

When it comes down to it, a travel agent will always be able to assist you with special tips using their personal knowledge and best yet, their experience. They will ensure that you plan the best vacation ever. Through time, travel agents also manage to develop special relationships with certain companies and are able to obtain special rates and discounts. Through these contacts they are able to offer you things that you would never be able to obtain through the internet. With their special training they will be able to provide options that you might not have even considered possible. A travel agent will also have more knowledge about group travel or maybe that dream getaway to a geographic destination.

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What I find most appealing is the fact that when you call a particular line directly, they will only sell you what will be in their best interest. I find that with the assistance of a travel agent, you get the best options available to fit your travel needs. Furthermore, travel agents have access to a large inventory, not just a particular one. As such, unless you are looking to book with a particular line, a travel agent will be able to see all the options that fit your particular needs. They will ensure that you are matched up with that perfect dream vacation in paradise.

Lastly always keep in mind that even after a trip is squared away and the bags are packed, life happens! Unfortunately things don’t always turn out as expected. Flights get cancelled, luggage gets lost, documents get misplaced or we can become ill. When unexpected stuff like this happens, it is reassuring to know that you have someone you can count on to resolve all the problems that may arise with your travel. You will have more important matters to attend to and will not have the time or energy to waste endless hours on the phone making changes to your travel plans.

I would love to be your travel agent :). Click on this link and let me know how I can assist you in planning that perfect getaway. The best part of a vacation is the anticipation of your trip and being able to share your memories with others. Let me be a part of the planning of your dream vacation and together we can make it a memorable travel experience while building a long lasting relationship.

What has been your experience with or without the assistance of travel agents? Share your story!
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