Let’s see, football is said to draw large crowds, however we all know that no game attracts as many spectators as the good ole Super Bowl. Although it is common for fans to cheer for their teams from bars and restaurants, it is kind of nice to host a Super Bowl party at home, don’t you think? It’s always nice to spend time with family and friends doing something we all love, so here are a few money-saving strategies.

Okay so the National Restaurant Association estimates that millions of us order carryout or delivery for this big game. However, we all know that this takeout business can get pricey. Let’s try saving our bucks by planning ahead.

SuperBowl Party-SM

We can easily volunteer to throw a Super Bowl party without any sense of the impact of what it will run us, but we are all guilty of this. First of all you should decide how much you can afford to spend before setting foot in the grocery store, not to mention making sure you go on a full stomach. You should always make a list of what you need so that you can make sure you don’t overspend, in addition to making sure you don’t forget anything. I’m so guilty of this and end up having to go back to the store time after time.


You also don’t want to spend your money buying pre-made food such as dips and pre-cut vegetables. You can save your money by cutting up fresh produce and mixing a homemade dip using low-fat sour cream or yogurt as a base. Try to find some healthy recipes that you can quickly scratch up at home. 🙂

By sticking to your list and your meal plan, you can end up with a table looking like this. 🙂


Doesn’t this look so yummy. I’m ready to jump in.

Also, remember to try to buy in bulk. I’m a huge fan of http://www.costco.com and http://www.bjs.com, they are the best places to stock up when trying to feed a huge crowd. I recommend you go soon as you can stock up on non-perishables such as soft drinks and chips, which are pretty cheap to start with. http://www.costco.com and http://www.bjs.com usually have sales before these big events. You can also get your wings and beers here in bulk.

The typical Super Bowl party includes hearty dishes such as chicken wings, but a range of low-cost nibbles is sure to satisfy your guests just as well. You can serve between 10 to 15 people easily for under $5 bucks. We always serve pizza bites, cheese, chips and salsa, mini grilled cheese, fruit and vegetable skewers, to name a few. Popcorn is another crowd-pleasing snack and we all know how tasty, and cheap that is.


Lastly, ask your guests to chip in with their drinks of choice, it will definitely ensure that everyone will be happy. Some of my friends make their Super Bowl party a potluck and it has worked out for them. It saves on the expense and effort of providing what everybody likes. Don’t feel bad about asking your guests to bring along their favorite dishes and snacks, there is totally nothing wrong with that.

Just remember that a happy crowd will make for a spectacular party. 🙂



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