Olympic Games Rio 2016-SM

So how many of you are enjoying the Olympic Games? I must admit it is probably my favorite pass time every four years. I can sit for hours at a time just watching the games. My favorite sport has to be gymnastics, but honestly I enjoy watching them all. I have been able to watch the tennis matches, men swimming, and beach volleyball. The gymnastics competition has been simply out of this world. The women’s vault, the uneven bars, the individual all-around and the floor exercises have been fabulous. These men and women are to say the least, phenomenal. I have to say that I am very proud of the USA team. They have outdone themselves and truly deserve every win.

The USA and China teams are doing amazing. They are up there in the top of the list, a place very well earned. Michael Phelps outdid himself in the swimming competition. Being able to compete just 35 minutes after a prior competition and coming in second place was to say the least incredible. Simone Biles and Aly Raisman also outdid themselves in the gymnastics competition. The floor exercises were out of this world. Super emotional moments for the fans and the families. Their parents must be so proud.



It is clear to see that these young athletes have trained and given it their all to make it to where they are. These are definitely high goals that are not easily accomplished. A huge congratulation is definitely in place for them all. They have earned their place in the Rio Olympic Games 2016. A job well done.

There are many more Olympic champions that I have not mentioned. The list is actually very long. However, since I am unable to watch every single competition I have focused on the ones I have been able to watch. All of these young athletes deserve the place they have earned and they should be acknowledged.

I look forward to continue watching the remaining of the games and definitely look forward to the Olympic Games 2020.

What is your favorite sport in the Olympic Games? Share your story.
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Mayra Hernandez