Has cruising been on your mind lately? It’s funny, cause it’s always on mine. I could be ready for a cruise at the drop of a hat. Come to think of it, I’m always ready for a vacation period.

I find that cruising is so relaxing though, especially on NCL. They are so laid back about everything to do on their ships that it makes your vacation so worthwhile. No dress codes to worry about, no special times to dine, just freestyle cruising.

Lately, I’ve had Bermuda on my mind. Not sure if its Bermuda or the fact that the cruise that can take me there leaves from New York. It has to be that, New York for a few days and then a cruise to Bermuda. Yeah, that’s the ticket 🙂

Bermuda - Cruising

So let me tell you a little about this beautiful place. Let’s begin with the beautiful pink sand that it’s well known for. Despite what people may think, Bermuda is not part of the Caribbean. It lies in the Atlantic, well north of the Bahamas and the Caribbean, pretty much all by itself. It is a subtropical island. Actually, Bermuda should have a cooler climate than it does, however the Gulf Stream – a sort of warm river in the Atlantic – flows from the Caribbean northward right past Bermuda’s shores. So Bermuda’s summers are warm but rarely hot, winters are mild and even sometimes chilly. This affects the landscape as well.

Bermuda is culturally unique. It feels more formal and British than most of its neighbors to its south. This island can also be quite expensive, that is why a cruise represents a greater value in Bermuda than in many places, since it includes transportation, lodging, meals and more.

It is strange to learn that Bermuda is a controlled destination. For many years its government has set limits on tourism and the infrastructure that supports it. Hotel development is strictly regulated, car rentals are nonexistent (if you want to get around, your only choices are motor scooters and taxis) and the number of cruise ships allowed to visit is carefully limited. Norwegian Cruise Line is fortunate to be permitted to call on Bermuda on a regular and frequent basis.


Here are a few factors I would like to share with you about Bermuda. Its unique ambience, architecture, beaches and seascapes are a dream. Its relatively close to the U.S. mainland. The climate in this gorgeous island is pleasant year-round. Bermuda is a safe, stable, clean and low-crime destination, we all want that. You will find several modest but picturesque neighborhoods, attractions and museums. There are diverse shopping opportunities, especially for British goods. We all know the ladies are always ready to shop. There are many water-related sports, including boating, sailing, diving, snorkeling and fishing. Its land-based activities, like tennis, horseback riding and, especially golf can be easily accessed.

Below are a few main attractions:

  • The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo provides an authentic look at Bermuda’s sea life, as well as more unusual creatures from around the world.
  • Bermuda’s neighborhoods, including those of St. George’s (Bermuda’s first capital) and Hamilton (the largest city), help your clients experience the daily life of a Bermudian.
  • The Crystal & Fantasy Caves are an unexpected treat: a series of caverns with a 55-foot-deep lake within one of the chambers.
  • Gibbs’ Hill Lighthouse is one of the oldest and tallest cast-iron lighthouses in the world. The views from the top are impressive.
  • The Royal Naval Dockyard, now housing restaurants and shops, supported British naval operations during the War of 1812. Our ships dock adjacent to the Dockyard.
  • The Golf Bermuda Program has put everything together, including access to the best courses and golf equipment. Play once just so you can say you did or spend the best days of your life playing on the best courses you can imagine. Click here for more info on this amazing program.

You also can’t leave without visiting the Army Fort. Me and forts, I still can’t figure out why I’m so obsessed with them.


If you wish to travel or take a cruise to Bermuda, or any other destination, please feel free to reach out to me to assist with your travel plans. My goal is to assist in making your travel as memorable as possible. You can click on this link http://sincerelymayra.com/book-next-getaway/ or feel free to email me at mayra@dreamvacationgetaways.net. I will look forward to assisting you any way I can.

Have you been to Bermuda? What was your experience? Share your story.

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