When it comes to eating advice, it is really getting harder and harder to separate the myth from the facts.

There is so much information out there yet much of it is so conflicting. I will admit that it does take devotion to be a healthy eater, however being an informed consumer is a great way to start. The best way to get the right information while making the right food decision, is to stick to the facts. Also keep in mind that there’s one food rule that always applies and that is to focus on portion control.

Ok fact or myth? is pizza really junk food?


Great news, this is a myth. Pizza can be a super-healthy food and the fact that it includes three important food groups: grains, dairy and vegetables is incredible. Whether you order take out, purchase it at the freezer section of the store or make it at home, healthy pizza starts with a thin crust, however, make it whole wheat for extra fiber.

The next tip is to use regular or reduced-fat cheese, and top it off with your favorite vegetables like mushrooms, onions, peppers and olives. You should try to skip the stuffed crust, extra cheese and meat lover options. If you really need to add meat, try adding meatballs, or turkey pepperoni. 🙂

If you are getting creative at home, try using a small size tortilla or pita bread. For toppings you can try home made sauce or jarred sauce as well as shredded cheese with veggie toppings. This sounds so yummy.

Alright, fact or myth? Avoiding pasta will help you lose weight?


Haha, again a huge myth. When it comes to losing weight, we must keep in mind that calories do count. And while pasta gets a bad rap when it comes to supporting healthy weight loss, it’s the portion size that matters. We tend to over eat when it comes to something delicious. You can get some pretty amazing recipes from http://foodnetwork.com.

A serving of pasta is defined as one cup not the size of your bowl. At 200 calories, the serving size is pretty skimpy for most people. While whole wheat pasta has more fiber than white flour, the calories are the same and most people have a greater sense of fullness for the same serving size. Let’s give this a shot.

Here we go, one more fact or myth? Kettle chips are healthier than plain potato chips?


Wow, I was wrong again, another myth! As potatoes are a nutrient-rich vegetable, when they are deep fried into chips, they become a phenomenal nutritional game changer. While kettle cooked chips are sometimes crispier and often cooked in smaller batches, it’s the same oil, same potatoes and same calories as plain old chips. As hard as it may be, try sticking to a single serving, about a handful, yeah right. 🙂

You can trim about 1/3 of the calories for each of these by choosing baked or reduced-fat versions.

Lets just keep in mind that when it comes to healthy eating, there are no bad foods, just those bad portions.

What’s your take on this post? Are you okay with sticking to small portions? Share your story.
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