Geez where do I begin? This political election campaign seems to have reached a level of madness to say the least. I’ve personally experienced the tension play out very close to home. I feel like this election is dividing parents and their kids, siblings, husbands and wives and probably employers and their employees.

One of the major issues in this political campaign against Donald Trump has to be the sexual allegations. Then you have the allegations about Hillary and the famous emails among other things. But is it truly fair to say that if you support Trump or Hillary you are supporting such behavior?  Unfortunately, many people may think so.  I personally think that we should respect each other’s opinion and try to understand the other person rather than get into a battle. It’s really not about being right or wrong, I think it’s more about accepting that we have different views and nothing more. It doesn’t make one person smarter than the other, although according to both candidates we are all either stupid, evil or deplorable.

We need to learn to understand that two people can see the same situation and experience the same thing, yet interpret it in different ways. Trump supporters, may elect not to believe the allegations raised against him and attempt to focus their interest on other aspects of his campaign. The same goes for those people that support Hillary. I think this is important as it may help us figure out why it is that we support our chosen candidate.

Trump/Hillary Campaign

I guess the question is, are people voting for Hillary because she will be the first lady president? Are people voting for Trump because they think our country needs someone who isn’t a politician and more a businessman? I think it is important for us to try to be open and honest about why we feel the way we do rather than simply disagreeing with our family and friends. Let’s not try so hard to convince each other to accept our views, but rather to understand how we see things.

Haha, I know you are probably thinking “this girl is crazy,” but honestly we need to come to grips that this is just an election. Elections have been around forever and they come and easily pass. The same goes for the candidates. We have good ones and bad ones and they too are here today and gone four or eight years later. However, our family and good friends will always be that, family and good friends. So let’s focus on that and see what November 8th has to offer.

What are your feelings on this campaign? Share your story.

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Mayra Hernandez